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Netflix Unsolved Mysteries
Courtesy of Netflix

The Unsolved Mysteries reboot is already getting credible tips from viewers

The Netflix show has already received 20 credible tips toward solving some of the cases featured in the six episodes

The Netflix reboot of the long-running US show Unsolved Mysteries has received an onslaught of tips from viewers, according to creator Terry Dunn Meurer.

In an interview with USA Today, the Unsolved Mysteries co-creator and executive producer said he has already received “20 credible tips toward solving some of the cases featured in the six episodes” that were released on Netflix. “We pass them on to the appropriate authorities,” Meurer added. “We’re hoping there’s a lot of people who still haven’t watched and maybe this weekend they’ll sit down and binge the episodes and we’ll get more leads.”

Among the tips is potential info related to the 2004 death of Alonzo Brooks in episode three, a 22-year-old man who disappeared from a Kansas party. Thanks to the show, the case has been reopened after Unsolved Mysteries forwarded names to the FBI.

The show has also received credible tips on Rey Rivera's death and the disappearance of Lena Chaplin.

As well as the Netflix reboot, Meurer and co-creator John Cosgrove worked together on the original Unsolved Mysteries series, which ran across several networks between 1987 and 2010. Viewers are presented with unsolved cases and are asked to help with any leads they may have. The original series resulted in the discovery of murders and the reunion of lost families.