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Normal People

You can rent the Italian villa from Normal People on Airbnb

Now all you need is your own Connell

Remember that scene in the BBC’s adaptation of Normal People when Connell and his mate visit Marianne over summer break in a dreamy Italian villa? Well, it turns out that you can rent it on Airbnb.

The Italian farmhouse is located 35km from Rome, and served as the backdrop of episode eight of the hit TV series adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel of the same name.

Keen fans will spot the swimming pool where Marianne and Connell smoke a cigarette together after the fight with her douchebag boyfriend, Jamie. There’s also the scenic spot where our two protagonists exchange lustful eye contact over awkward dinner chat.

While coronavirus means any holidays have been put on hold, the villa costs €40 (approximately £35) per night and houses up to five people. Now all you need is your own Connell (avec sexy neck chain).

Normal People has been garnering a lot of talk for being the horniest show on TV – but more than that, its sex scenes feel kind of revolutionary, in all their awkward moments, explorations of consent, and focus on both female and male pleasure and desire. We spoke to the show’s intimacy coordinator Ita O’Brien about the process of choreographing the sex scenes, how they’re used to build a character’s storyline, and the importance of building a safe environment on and off camera.

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