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Sailor Moon

The fictional heroines the world really needs right now

‘She saved the world – a lot’

Have you ever experienced that one moment where it feels like your life is a television show? Well if there was ever a time to feel like that, 2020 would be it, and the coronavirus would be the climatic season finale leaving viewers wondering what the hell is gonna happen next.

In these uncertain times, many of us are experiencing a sense of concern and confusion as we wonder what the next episode of this thing called life will hold. And as COVID-19 rapidly spreads around the world, resulting in thousands of fatalities and countries placed on lockdown, one might wonder: Who could save us all from this global outbreak? Well I have a few ideas, and they’re all amazing women we’ve seen save the world once before – well, the fictional world that is.

As we witness history being made and pretty much feel like we’re living in a movie or television show anyway, we’ve listed some of the fictional female characters who could save us from the COVID-19 outbreak.


As the chosen one, Buffy has had her fair share of moments saving the world from the “big bad” as the vampire-slaying, badass TV heroine who inspired teens across the world. After preventing the apocalypse not once, but twice, dying and being resurrected, and battling everything from the hellmouth to even her BFF, Buffy could definitely tackle a deadly virus – all while dressed in cute tank tops, stylish slip dresses or a combat-ready all black ensemble as seen by Sarah Michelle Gellar in a recent Instagram post – with wooden stake in hand of course.


When discussing Charmed, of course we’re talking about the original. Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige saved the world countless times as the power of three and they handled their fair share of apocalyptic moments. Whether it was battling The Source of all Evil, facing the wrath of the Titans, and even saving the world from a synthetic virus created to grant demonic powers to soldiers, The Halliwell Sisters always found a way to stop the world from coming to an end.


Saving the world from a deadly virus is hard work – and Sydney Bristow knows how to stay resilient amidst adversity. The Krav Maga, hyper-polyglot CIA spy inspired many who tuned in to watch her kick ass and save the world on a Sunday night (or binge-watch the show years later like I did), while facing many difficulties throughout her life. From finding out her mother faked her own death to being kidnapped by a terrorist organisation, Sydney has faced her fair share of turmoil. However, Sydney who was once considered to be the “chosen one” in a prophecy which claimed she would “render the greatest power to utter desolation,” is undoubtedly one of the best female spies to walk the fictional planet and could certainly be an asset in a fight against COVID-19.


Kagura is the perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover. The gentle, good-hearted teenager is a member of the super powerful Yato tribe, and can turn from sweet-natured to savage fighter at the drop of a hat, battling multiple enemies and even regenerating wounds sustained in battle. While Kagura is a highly skilled fighter, she is also compassionate with a desire for peace – despite being an alien from one of the most bloodthirsty races of them all. Still, Kagura’s kindest should never be taken for weakness. Even the most brutal enemy doesn’t want to cross Kagura and her machine-gun umbrella.


Sure the world has already gone to crap for The Walking Dead’s Michonne, but she does a mighty good job of staying alive and protecting the ones she loves. We’re first introduced to the fierce heroine as she appears armed with a katana and pulling the shackles of two zombies for camouflage, showing her intelligence and ability to survive – and for Michonne, it’s not just the dead she has to fight to survive but also the living. From battling The Governor, to taking on Negan and The Saviours with the rest of Alexandria, humans pose a real threat in The Walking Dead and serve as a reminder of how selfish humans can be amid chaos – something which has come to the forefront during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Often referred to as the “Tornado of Terror”, Tatsumaki is one of the strongest S class heroes in existence. Her psychokinesis abilities means she can control objects with her mind, use her telekinesis to create psychic barriers and even stop missiles mid air. Manga illustrator Yusuke Murata, also claims Tatsumaki could lift the entirety of Z-City with ease, showing that her power could exceed all our expectations.


She may not have superhuman abilities or be a skilled fighter, but like COVID-19, the cure lies in science and technology – something which is Shuri’s speciality. The young genius from the technologically-advanced Wakanda, is behind all of the country’s inventions, taking the precious metal Vibranium to create everything from remote control disks which allows her to navigate vehicles from her lab, to T’Challa’s Blank Panther suit.


Girl power is at the heart of Sailor Moon, and as the determined main protagonist, Usagi is destined to save earth from the forces of evil, making her a key candidate for saving the world from a global pandemic. With the help of her trusty brooch to transform into Sailor Moon and the use of the all-powerful silver crystal, Usagi can heal the sick and wounded, return the dead to life and even restore the whole planet. Talk about problem solved. 


Alice knows all about viruses – after all she spends her time trying to bring down the Umbrella Corporation who are behind the global t-virus pandemic. Alice, who was injected with the t-virus and bonded with it, is the ultimate superhuman, benefiting from the virus’ positive effects and none of those pesky negative ones – like turning into a cannibalistic decomposing zombie. With enhanced strength, agility, accelerated healing and recovery, and an invested interest in stopping the t-virus, Alice could definitely be the key to stopping another pandemic in its tracks.


Eleven is a girl of little words but a lot of action. Her quiet, timid appearance can change to a fiercely protective, loyal fighter as she battles to save the ones she loves and she uses her psychokinetic abilities to do so. From dealing with threats from the Upside Down and closing the Gate to battling The Mind Flayer, Eleven fights tooth and nail to protect her world and the people she loves in it – but she doesn’t do it alone.

With the help of her friends, the Stranger Things crew have saved the world from extraterrestrial beings proving that even with Eleven’s powers, working as a unit is way more powerful and serves as a poignant reminder of how we'll get through COVID-19. After all, working together is what’ll put a stop to this virus. Having this badass set of all powerful fictional heroines would certainly help though.