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Jujubee and Raven, Robyn, Drag Race
Jujubee and Raven’s iconic ‘Dancing On My Own’ lipsync on Drag Race All Stars, and Robyn on Drag Race season 12via World of Wonder

Robyn reacts to Raven and Jujubee’s iconic Drag Race lipsync

The musician finally comments on the emotional face-off on Drag Race All Stars to ‘Dancing On My Own’

If you didn’t cry when best pals and teammates Raven and Jujubee faced off in the most emotional lipsync of Drag Race herstory, do you even have a soul?

The duo’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ lipsync is an iconic moment in the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise – they cry, they mope, they perform with jilted ferocity and tears. Its originator, the one and only Robyn, has finally shared her thoughts on the moment.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Sweden musician says that she has only seen it once, but watched it once again to provide some real insight. “Oh my God, it’s good. I love that they’re already crying, they’re getting into it. I’m getting chills,” she said. “I love that they’re hugging, that my song is making them hug! It doesn’t feel like a battle, it feels like they’re supporting each other.”

Offering up just one constructive criticism, she added: “I would’ve loved after the line ‘I’m just gonna dance all night’ – I wish they would’ve danced a little bit there, that would’ve been so nice. But I just think it’s the sweetest performance ever.”

“I love that they’re supporting each other – it’s in the spirit of the song!”

We’ll see Robyn on the second episode of the 12th iteration of Drag Race this coming Friday (March 6). She’ll be on the judging panel as a guest with actor Thandie Newton. Last week saw Nicki Minaj join the line-up, and forthcoming episodes will include Alexandria Ocasio-CortezNormani, actor and internet fashion daddy Jeff Goldblum, Leslie Jones, Whoopi Goldberg, Daisy Ridley, model Winnie Harlow, and Chaka Khan.

Speaking further with EW, she said: “RuPaul is special, and so are the contestants. What really makes it an important show is that RuPaul has decided to protect the culture that he comes from. It’s a commercial show and it has been very successful, but I think he’s been open to the community while he’s doing it. He’s aware, he’s smart, and he talks about the issues that concern the community. I could feel that when I was on the show.”

Will we get the ultimate Fembot moves or some Honey love this episode’s lipsync? Stay tuned, and watch a sneak peek below.