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Watch the trailer for the second season of Netflix’s You
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Watch the trailer for the second season of Netflix’s You

Creepy Joe is back and he’s found a new girlfriend to obsess over

Netflix’s You was one of the most bingeable shows of the year – a fucked up love story that saw Penn Badgley portray a scarily familiar sociopath. Fans of the show can now rejoice because the trailer for season two is here, and it looks just as wild as the first.

Without exposing any spoilers – although it’s been a year, why haven’t you watched it yet! – You tells the story of Joe (Badgley), who falls in love with Beck (Elizabeth Lail), a girl he meets in the bookstore he works in. After relentlessly pursuing her, the two begin a recognisably toxic relationship – Joe isolating Beck from her friends, reading her texts etc. – but with a murderous twist.

The new trailer – suitably soundtracked by a version of Radiohead’s “Creep” – proves that Joe hasn’t learned anything from his past relationships, and instead sees him swap New York for LA, changing his name to Will in the move. “It’s hard to have a fresh start,” he complains, “when the past is on your mind. But it’s a new me.”

The still-creepy protagonist quickly meets his next prey, a woman aptly named Love. The teaser offers everything you’d expect from a traditional love story: sex, laughter, looking longingly into each other’s eyes. But then Joe’s ex Candice returns and everything seems to go wrong. Hello, murder!

Watch the trailer below.

You returns to Netflix on December 26