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Midsommar is offering free couples therapy
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Midsommar is giving away three months of free couples therapy

Ritual sacrifices are not OK, people

Ari Aster’s Midsommar is basically a break-up movie gone wrong – with a side of pagan cults and blood sacrifices – so it’s only right that production studio A24 are now offering three months of free couples therapy to viewers. Presumably, the idea is that you don’t stuff your boyfriend into the pelt of a dead bear and burn him alive for being an uncommunicative asshole.

Coinciding with the film’s digital release, the announcement – which sees A24 partner with online and mobile therapy company Talkspace – was revealed in a promo video, which said. “Did Midsommar cut too deep?” and “There’s a space for you”. All you have to do is comment on the video on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and tag a significant other.

Set in a remote Swedish village, Midsommar follows four American students – including couple Dani and Christian, played by Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor – on a trip to attend a traditional Scandi midsummer festival – that is, before it turns into a murder cult. To celebrate the digital release, A24 is also releasing an extended director’s cut of the film with 30 extra minutes of footage.

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