The trailer for the new, queer L Word is here

Text all your exes!!!

Gather your nearest and queerest: the new series of canonical lesbian TV show The L Word has a trailer. 

The new, minute-long clip sees several of the original cast return to reprise their iconic characters. Alice appears to be both glowing and also professionally thriving, Bette is daddy aka running to be the mayor of LA, and Shane can, as always, fucking get it. Tina is out of the picture and (SPOILER ALERT!) Jenny appears to be remaining dead. Thank God. 

But besides our old gal pals, there are a host of new characters joining the line-up – and bringing some more diversity to a show that was criticised for depicting a limited view of the queer experience. Actor Leo Sheng, who is transgender, has a role – he’ll be playing a professor called Micah, while Rosanny Zayas will play TV producer Sophie Suarez, and Bette and Tina’s now-teenage daughter is being played by newcomer Jordan Hull.

The OG L Word ran between 2004 and 2009. When it was announced earlier this year, the show’s new subtitle, Generation Q, sparked some comments section backlash from certain lesbian fans who don’t identify with queerness. We’re down with a more fluid, 2019-appropriate take on the show – let’s just hope they’ve changed the damn theme tune

The L Word: Generation Q debuts on December 8.