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American Horror Story

American Horror Story: 1984 captures the slasher movie golden era

The Ryan Murphy franchise is inspired by Friday the 13th and stars Emma Roberts

It’s been eight years since American Horror Story (and Evan Peters) first graced our screens.  We’ve followed the cast through a murder house, an asylum, a freak show, and a hotel – whatever the location, we’re always thrown into unknown territory and this anticipation, of course, adds to the appeal of the show.

Well AHS fans, rejoice! Today, the show’s co-creator Ryan Murphy released the trailer  for the ninth series of the teen-horror, titled 1984. Inspired by the slasher era of horror movies (think Friday the 13th vibes), the clip follows a group of friends engaging in typical adolescent activities: drinking and blasting music, before making their way to summer camp.  

But (and there’s always a but) this isn’t your regular camp. When the group arrive at their destination, they’re met with a huge “BEWARE” sign, carved in red (obvs), which seems to go unnoticed. Same goes for the masked figure lurking under their car, holding a huge knife.  It’s a camp of scary antics and the teens seem to be destined for the worst.

Joining the cast is Emma Roberts, who announced her starring role with a bright 80s teaser on Instagram.  With AHS having previously cast outside of the typical Hollywood scope – Lady Gaga’s Hotel role, for instance) – Olympic skier will play Robert’s husband.  Unfortunately, Evan Peters will not return this season but other cast regulars – Billie Lourd, John Carroll Lynch, Leslie Grossman, and Cody Fern – are set to return.

American Horror Story1984 premieres in the US and UK September 18. Watch the trailer below.