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David Lynch

You can now take a film class with David Lynch

The avant-garde director shares his wisdom in a new online course

Whether you’re a David Lynch stan, a fledgling filmmaker, or just love the sound of Lynch’s voice (me), you’re in luck – the idiosyncratic director has gifted his knowledge in a new online course.

The 13-class course is available via education platform MasterClass, whose teaching roster also includes Spike Lee, Margaret Atwood, and Werner Herzog. In a trailer for the course, Lynch gives us a peek into what will be on offer in his lessons, sharing a brief insight into how he develops ideas. “A desire for an idea is like putting a little piece of bait on a hook and lowering it into the water,” Lynch tells us. “You don’t know when they’re going to come, or what will trigger them; lo and behold, on a lucky day, bingo – you’ll catch an idea.”

Titled ‘David Lynch teaches creativity and film’, a single class will set you back £85, or you can sign up to the site for £170 a year, which gives you access to all of Lynch’s lessons, plus every other course on the site. In Lynch’s class, the Mulholland Drive director will teach his cross-disciplinary creative process; from idea generation, to translating these ideas into a narrative, and then – most importantly – how to move beyond formulaic storytelling.

You can register for the course here; or if you can’t quite afford the cost, you can always watch Lynch soothingly teach you how to cook quinoa, for free, in the internet’s Greatest Video Ever.