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Marfa Girl

Watch the intense trailer for Larry Clark’s Marfa Girl 2

The Kids director is making his first ever sequel with the sex-heavy skater movie

Larry Clark will embark on his first ever sequel as he revives his 2012 cult hit Marfa Girl.

Tipped as a “drug-and-sex infused drama,” Marfa Girl 2 is set two years after we first met the characters. The original starred Adam Mediano, Drake Burnette, Mercedes Maxwell, Jonathan Velasquez, Indigo Rael, and Jeremy St. James, who are all set to return for the follow up.

In an IndieWire interview, Clark revealed why he’s decided to return to the story. “After making Marfa Girl, my fans inundated me with requests for a follow-up — so I made it. I hope they enjoy it,” he said.

In case you missed the first installment, it is widely regarded as a slept-on classic. It follows the story of a 16-year-old skater kid named Adam and the titular character, Marfa Girl (model Drake Burnette in her acting debut), who acts as a psychosexual catalyst for the underage boy – it's provocative and unpredictable, like we’ve come to expect from the Kids director.

The sequel will feature the same ensemble as they deal with a heartbreaking tragedy, one that plunges them deeper into disaffection, boredom, and desire to abandon their small-town lives. The trailer is, in a word, depressing. Characters cry, fight, and look mournfully as they come to terms with their circumstances. Watch the trailer below.