Mykki Blanco plays #PermitPatty and Donald Trump in new film

In WYPIPO the rapper dons full whiteface to imitate white archetypes including right-wing politicians, neighbourhood watchers, and a hip-hop fan who doesn’t want to talk about race

“I’m throwing this brunch, do you think you can bring some people of colour? A black girl, maybe if we had an Asian girl!” says Meredith down the phone, shortly before picking it up again and calling the police on a black family in the park after feeling “a bit troubled” by their presence. Inspired by stories like #PermitPatty, a white woman who called the police on a black kid selling water, and #BarbecueBecky, a woman who reported black kids for cooking food, Meredith is a character played by Mykki Blanco in a new Dazed film WYPIPO, created as part of his guest edit.

In the film Mykki dons full white face, and plays the role of three characters – Meredith, Donald Trump, and a dude who loves hip hop but doesn’t want to discuss race. A mix of surreal, sincere, and hilarious, the film features added commentary from Mykki, creative director Jean Paul Paula and Sja’iesta.

WYPIPO not only goes deep on Blanco’s experience as a black male growing up – and the transition from boy to man – but the overall repercussions of racial bias across the world. “White people have to admit that white supremacy exists,” he says. “It’s real and they really have to actually believe it – they really have to understand that it’s so institutional and it’s so intersectional”.

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