A Hollywood scammer tricked industry insiders into paying her thousands

And also into Skype sex

Joanne the Scammer took a little bit of time off and in her absence rose a new generation of chancers. Continuing what The Cut dubbed the “summer of scam” after the Anna Delvey case, a Hollywood scammer has been found impersonating top-level female executives in the film industry.

An unknown woman has been pretending to be Amy Pascal, the producer of the recent Ghostbusters and Spiderman films, and Kathleen Kennedy whose impressive catalogue includes Indiana Jones, E.T, and The Sixth Sense, among others.

The Hollywood Reporter investigation revealed how she tricked hairstylists, stuntmen, military advisers, photographers, and cinematographers into traveling to Indonesia for work on a secret project. When they got there they were all asked to cough up thousands of dollars under the promise that they would eventually be refunded, after which she completely disappeared.

Her victims report that her voice had some markers of Asian dialect. Some were even talked into having Skype sex with the mystery woman.

Unfortunately, since most of the stolen funds were $3,000 or less, there is apparently little the police can do, so a corporate investigations firm that has been set with the task of solving this crime instead.