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Greta Gerwig went to see I Feel Pretty and someone live-tweeted it

She’s here for Amy Schumer falling off a SoulCycle bike, but not for veiled homophobic bullshit or plot holes

Greta Gerwig may now be the Oscar-nominated director and screenwriter that gave us stunning coming-of-age triumph Lady Bird, but it turns out she’s not above going to the cinema with her friends to enjoy and rip into a trashy comedy.

Yesterday, Twitter user Jaye Hunt went to the cinema in New York to watch Amy Schumer’s latest film I Feel Pretty where she realised that she was sat directly behind Gerwig and a bunch of her friends.

Cue a very long, exceedingly hilarious live-tweet session as Hunt watched and took notes of Gerwig’s reactions to the film. Because if you’re going to trust anyone’s opinion on a film, it’s going to be the woman who made the highest rated film on Rotten Tomatoes, right?

I Feel Pretty is Amy Schumer’s latest venture into big screen awkward relatable girl comedy, where she’s basically playing herself. Her character hits her head in an accident and gains extreme self-confidence, as her self-perception changes and she now sees herself to be beautiful. The premise can’t be picked at too much due to some raging plot holes, veiled homophobia against her effeminate co-star, and problematic notions about beauty ideals that it cackhandedly tries to confront. It’s a bit like Shallow Hal, although not as good, obviously.

Ultimately, “Ugh” – Greta Gerwig, visionary director and writer, and now queen of film criticism! 

Talking to Junkee about her momentuous trip to the cinema, Hunt, a director and podcast host, said she was “99.9% sure it was her”.

Hunt later took to Twitter again to clarify why she had her phone out, and Gerwig’s actions in the theatre that supposedly made people leave:

Hunt summed up the experience by saying: “I do not think (Gerwig) liked (I Feel Pretty) but I want to add that she seemed like she was having a lot of fun.”

And in the end, isn’t that all that matters? Long live Greta Gerwig, the best nun at the Met Gala ball and our new favourite film critic.