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Trolls are claiming white people were assaulted at Black Panther screenings

They've used real images of abused women

All in all, Marvel's Black Panther movie has been one of the most positive things to ever come out of Hollywood for black people. We have been to Wakanda and back and are still on a high after having seen so many people who look like us on the big screen. But, thanks to the furore around it being a blackity-black movie, there was always going to be a racist controversy.

I just wasn't quite expecting it to look like the faces of battered white women, whose traumatic pictures (in some cases of abuse), are being shared by trolls and bots on social media, with claims that they are images of them having been beaten up or assaulted at Black Panther screenings.

One of the tweets used an image of a teenager who was locked in an apartment by her boyfriend and assaulted for four hours, captioned: “I was brutally attacked by some black thugs at the #BlackPanther premiere because they said whites weren't allowed to watch the movie.” 

In another tweet, a Twitter user claimed that an Ohio woman had been hospitalised thanks to a racially motivated attack, while a third said that a “group of black youths” assaulted someone while at a premiere and that they were “off to the ER now”.

Thankfully most of the accounts have been deleted and the tweets removed from Twitter, but that doesn't mean that some agenda-setting white supremacists won't have already used them to their advantage.

In a clapback, Black Twitter have responded with a parody of the tweets using a picture of Batman's Harvey “Two-Face” Dent after he has half his face blown off (Dent is, of course, a DC villain).