Watch the bleak trailer for Handmaid’s Tale season two

It’s not looking great for Offred and the gang, really, is it

When season one of The Handmaid’s Tale landed on Hulu last April, the world was already a pretty fucking terrifying place for women. The year opened with the election of Trump and women’s marches around the world, reproductive rights and sexual assault continue to be at the forefront of conversation – a world where women were subjugated and controlled didn’t seem like a far-off dystopian future. Now, a year later and three months into near-constant sexual assault allegations and revelations, it seems somehow even more relevant.

The trailer for the second season for The Handmaid’s Tale doesn’t give much away, but it does show that it’s set to be as bleak, terrifying, and devastatingly close to home as the first one. The 13-episode season, which premieres on April 25, will follow June/Offred as she fights for a better future. The footage shows women being led to the colonies, Offred enjoying a (probably brief) moment with her husband and child, and Moira in her new life in Canada. The trailer is scored by a cover of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” and also shows some pretty ominous scenes of people bloodied, terrified, and fleeing for their lives.

Speaking to EW, Elisabeth Moss said that “there is literally no way that anyone can guess what happens. You can try, but you won’t do it... we have no intention of doing anything else than being even more balls to the wall than we were in season one”. The season will focus on Offred’s pregnancy, and Moss says that it is “a dark season – it’s arguably darker than season one, if that’s possible”. While executive producer Bruce Miller recently said that the season would be “absurd” and a chance to showcase June’s humour, I’m still not sure if I quite feel up to it after the dystopic few months/year we’ve just had.

The first two episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale season two will premiere on April 25 on Hulu with subsequent episodes following every Wednesday.