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Louise Gray A/W11

With balloon headgear, tartan patchwork and hooded bombers, Gray added a cheeky angle to her London Fashion Week show

The Scottish-born designer brought a bright, bold feel to her Autumn Winter collection. Marching down the catwalk in brilliant balloon headgear, Gray's models wore a mix of colourful patchwork and tartan, with over sized elements featuring heavily and her padded, hooded bombers making an impact. Her colours wore strong and punchy including primary yellows, blues and reds cut together to bring a super fun element to winter. A nod to an almost cheeky and childish theme was run through with a strong and powerful femininity, a trademark of Gray's previous collections.

Dazed Digital: Where did the inspiration for this collection come from?
Louise Gray: I began with really simple sports type tracksuits and just tried to work that through as much as possible. I wanted to try and make as many pieces with that as the basis as possible.

Dazed Digital: How did you play around with it for the collection?
Louise Gray: I started by actually going to a lot of Scottish elements that I had used when I was back at art school, and bringing them into the pieces again.

Dazed Digital: Where did the big bold hooded tops come from?
Louise Gray: They were kind of inspired by parkas, but I wanted it to be fluffy and nylon and a bit unrealistic in some way. I padded them right out as well, to give them a sort of sofa-like quality.

Dazed Digital: You also played around with pattern and size quite a lot...
Louise Gray: Yeah I blew a couple of the pieces right up to make them really 3D and almost overbearing. The tartans came through form the Scottish side again, but they were in really thick strong colours.