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Katharine Hamnett: Here Comes The Sun

The queen of ethical fashion revisits her 80s slogan t-shirt designs for the new Spring Summer collection

The trailblazer of the 80s logo t-shirt, Katharine Hamnett, is back with a new ethically sourced collection of luxury womenswear called 'Here Comes the Sun'. Her original protest tees inspired a fashion movement when she started designing in the 80s, with her Choose Life slogan adorning the chests of everyone from Wham to Queen and Madonna. Her designs spawned an army of imitations and she has been called the most copied woman in fashion. Hamnet's new collection features a selection of luxury denim, jumpsuits, dresses and an 80s inspired neon pink t-shirt all made from sustainable fabrics like fair-trade organic cotton and using sustainable trims. The collection aims to promote ethical fashion and encourage people to make better choices about the way they shop and live.

Dazed Digital: Can you sum up the new collection in a sentence?
Katharine Hamnett
: Archive-inspired luxury fashion essentials. Clothes you want to wear now...

DD: Why did you choose to revisit your designs from the 80s and 90s?
Katharine Hamnett: Because I am sick of everyone else copying them.

DD: Were you surprised to be awarded a CBE, especially as you have been quite critical of politics in the past?
Katharine Hamnett: I was suprised and disappointed as I was hoping for Duchess.

DD: Do you think fashion has the power to really change the status quo?
Katharine Hamnett: Political and empowered messages on t-shirts can make people question, this can ultimately result in changing the status quo.

DD: If you could say one thing to the world through your designs, what would you want it to be?
Katharine Hamnett: For everyone to buy organic cotton, we have proved it can be hot, sexy and sophisticated.