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Halston Womenswear A/W11

Marios Schwab takes the helm at the iconic label with refined details in olive greens and deep violet

London favourite Marios Schwab once again travelled to NYC to present his latest outing for Brit legends Halston. In a West Side presentation, the Austrian/Greek put is models standing on pedestals in the shape of a triangle, giving one row each to white, black and Asian models, hence giving the audience a visual treat in every way possible. Because the clothes looked good as well. Focused on an gorgeous olive green and ivory, we saw jump suits with shawl collars, floor-length dresses, leather trench coats and a great hooded coat that resembled a boxer's pre-match robe. A trio of fluorescent sequin dresses added glamour and there was even a bikini top adorned in fine stones. With a few mint green and purple touches, Schwab managed to further the Halston heritage by adding his own stylistically refined details, and everyone left happy.

Dazed Digital: How do you feel about doing a presentation instead of a show?
Marios Schwab:
It's still new to me but I like the presentation way of doing it, people can go along side the models to see the garments and the textures up close.

DD: Tell me a bit about the collection, what was the starting point...
Marios Schwab:
This season it was very much about the attitude and I wanted a have a whisper of seductiveness and that's what's so essential to me about Halston. That's the Halston women to me, seductive and like a temptress. 

DD: Tell me about the silhutte...
Marios Schwab:
I want to concentrate on shapes that resemble the original Halston but kind of have a different twist, using new fabrics. I want it to be sleek and tailored.

DD: The first three models in the triangle are all fluorescent, is that part of the modernisation of Halston?
Marios Schwab: Yeah, it was about taking the glow of the night and transforming it into modern day wear.

DD: What about the casting and the way they are lined up? You have rows of black models, row of white models and one with just Asian models...
Marios Schwab: It's just a visual thing, I like to section it in colours - it's not about where they are from...

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
Marios Schwab:
I like the fluorescent pieces, but I also like the tailored ones because they are cool day wear pieces...

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