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Moonspoon Saloon A/W11

The creative collective showed eclectic pieces in neon and velvet with bondage styling at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Moonspoon Saloon is like a creative commune made up of artists from the reins of photography, styling, art and design. Their abnormal world of inspiration consists of surreal cheer leaders, supernatural beings and something as random as chewing gum but the collection was a lot more wearable than first suspected. Velvet and neon coloured prints came together with bondage like dresses and acid nuclear references to form pleated skirts and matching sets or oversize jumpers that somehow broad memories of kids in the 90s wearing leftovers from the 80s.

Dazed Digital: Where does your inspiration come from in this collection? 
Moonspoon Saloon: 
Chewing gum, lava stone, body without body, Rodchenko, aliens, superior beings, roller balls, lonely ice skaters, surreal cheer leaders, 'Take me to your leader' and shadow theatre.  

DD: Do you have a background in design,  or is Art mainly the motivation behind MoonSpoon Saloon? 
Moonspoon Saloon: We are sons and daughters of fascination. Moonspoon is about turning fascination into cloth. 

DD: What creative process did you go through this time?
Moonspoon Saloon: Every time it's a bit like mixing water and oil. Like bridging what doesn't have an obvious connection. This time we try to bridge aliens and lost chewing gum with the idea of eternal horizons.

DD: Is Copenhagen a good platform for new talent? 
Moonspoon Saloon: I moved to Los Angeles 1.5 years ago. L.A. has great possibilities, from production to red carpet.