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Gemma Arterton x G-Star

We chat to the actress and new face of the denim brand as shot by Anton Corbijn about her sense of style and roles in the new Hansel and Gretel film

When Gemma Arterton entered the small, Romantics-inspired room of a Mayfair hotel last night she was wearing fitted jeans and a sculpted leather jacket. Denim suits her and we’re not the only ones to have noticed. Last night saw the launch party of Gemma Arterton’s term as the face of G-Star RAW, premier denim brand, with a huge extravaganza of live art by renowned graffiti artist Fin DAC, a live exhibit by photographer, director and seasoned G-Star RAW ad guru Anton Corbijn, and an exclusive DJ set by The xx. It was a night to remember but with the plentiful booze, we’re glad we had our dictaphone ready for our little chat with the girl of the moment...

Dazed Digital: Tell us about the G-Star event and your role in it?
Gemma Arterton: The event is a mixture of many different things, but primarily it’s to launch me as the new face of G-Star. G-Star is very much involved in the art world and the film world and photography and all sorts of creative arts and so am I, so we collaborated and took the things that I love which is music mostly and art and live art and set it in a London setting. It’s quite exciting actually because we have the XX that are DJing and they’re one of my favourite bands at the moment and a friend of mine called Fin DAC who is this amazing graffiti artist will be doing a live graffiti art of me from the images from the campaign. Anton Corbijn who has shot all of the G-Star campaigns has released about 300 images that have never been seen before which are being exhibited at the same time so this is all happening at the same time so It’s going to be fun I think 

DD: So how does it feel to be the new face of G-Star?
Gemma Arterton: It’s great actually, I never expected myself to be doing something like this ever! I’m really proud because I think it represents a lot of things that I love, it’s all about confidence and individuality, it really is doing its own thing, there aren’t many other brands doing the same design as G-Star and I like that, I respect that! They’ve had some amazing people that they’ve worked with before so I feel very flattered that I’m the next one (laughs)!

DD: Do you approach this in the same way as a role?
Gemma Arterton: It is really different although, because it’s me and with a role you can usually just say it’s a character, I suppose when I do a photoshoot I do have to adopt some type of characteristic and with G-Star it’s very much this very strong, confident woman which is at the same time feminine. Actually It’s quite close to me as a person anyway so it wasn’t too far, I didn’t have to adopt some crazy character to do the shoot. Also, working with Anton was amazing because obviously he’s a director as well so he was able to get out of me the quality they wanted. He knows how to direct an actor so he knew how to get me to be quite free-spirited and we had loads of fun actually on the shoot... maybe too much fun, we were just having a great time dancing. There is a real freshness to it.

DD: Fashion must be a big part of your career, how would you define your style?
Gemma Arterton: Oh well my style is ever evolving because I’m always changing as well. I’m quite fickle (she laughs)! I think I’ve learnt that ‘simple’ is best for me, embellishment and frills doesn’t particularly look good on me. Also I’m not very good with dresses and pretty things, I tend to go more for the shape and the line so I suppose it’s ‘simple elegance’ (she laughs again)... if I may presume to say so! Generally on a daily basis I’m a jeans, jacket and a tee-shirt, that’s me! I do enjoy wearing heels as well, I am a shopaholic, I do have a passion for it!

DD: What’s your favourite denim cut?
Gemma Arterton: I do like a skinny jean! Not too low waisted because I like to be comfortable. The point of wearing jeans I think is because they’re comfortable so it’s nice to wear them dressed down with a brogue or something but I like a boyfriend jean where you can roll it up and wear a heel. I love denim generally, I wear denim shirts a lot, I like to combine it with’s kind of Rock’n’Roll!

DD: You seem to be working really hard and you’ve just been nominated for the BAFTA Rising Star award, whats going through your mind?
Gemma Arterton: (laughs) I’m amazed to be honest that I got nominated, I suppose because I’m British as well, It means a lot! It’s the award you pay most attention to, and it’s nice to be recognised in your own country for the work you’re doing. Also, that award is for a body of work, so it’s good to know that people are appreciating what I’m doing. I always aim for diversity so I’m really excited. I’ve been to the BAFTAs before but never as a nominee so it’s quite exciting, I get to go there with a reason!

DD: You've obviously done a fair few blockbusters now as well as indie films, which do you prefer?
Gemma Arterton: Oh well they’re so different, I’ve tried to mix them up with theatre and TV and everything because it’s so interesting. You have to completely adapt to each one and obviously with an Indy film there are less people involved and less money and in a way, less pressure! Yet at the same time with big budget movie you have the time to perfect it. They’re so different but my passion is theatre over anything but that’s not the one everyone is interested in! To make yourself a better actor though, you really should try and do all of them!

DD: What’s this we hear about the new Batman film?
Gemma Arterton: (smiles) I can’t talk about it!

DD: What about the new film you’ve just been confirmed for with Jeremy Renner, Hansel and Gretel, can you talk about that?
Gemma Arterton: Umm... no (laughs)! It’s really hard because I can’t wait to talk about it but I mustn't talk about it because I don’t want to reveal too much yet! All I know is that I start shooting in the spring and it’s filmed in Berlin, my favourite city besides London!

DD: You seem to have a specific criteria you look for in an artistic project, such as G-Star and in your choice of films. What is that criteria?
Gemma Arterton: I like it when It’s a really strong idea, and that the idea is absolutely what it is. There’s no to-ing and fro-ing and trying to fit into what its popular. Individuality is massive for me! Also, storytelling is the reason I do my job and if there is something interesting to say and if it feels right for me at the time then thats great. You have to be able to give your heart to it and to what feels right

DD: What can your fans expect of you in the coming months?
Gemma Arterton: Well Hansel and Gretel... and we’ll see what happens in the coming months (she laughs)!