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Y-3 Hayworth High

Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas outdo themselves with their latest high top trainer, the reissued Hayworth in a black and purple colour combination

Sportswear giants adidas's output of basketball gear in the 1970s and 1980s broke new ground in terms of technology and aesthetics with increasingly towering heights and intimidating price tags to match. It's easy to associate Yohji Yamamoto's work for the Y-3 collection with something significantly more slimline, but there's some more imposing pieces in their vaults too, reworking pieces from that era with a certain refinement. Reissued for the current season, Y-3's Hayworth model was originally released in 2006, blending high-end sporting looks with a work boot shape by channeling a silhouette steeped in hard court history, down to the iconic Dellinger web patterning on the mid sole.

This unisex creation balances elegance and rugged appeal, and a hard wearing boot leather will take the blows in style during impending big freezes and age a little better than the usual sneaker upper too. Neutral colour options like black with purple detailing or brown make this one of the most accessible Y-3 designs to date and a worthy pick from the not-too-distant past for a resurrection.

Text Gary Warnett

Photographer Alastair Strong
Stylist Nell Kalonji

Thanks to Studio Private, Little Yellow Jacket Productions, Ftp Digital