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Stolen Girlfriends Club

The Kiwi jewellery brand team up with filmmaker Derek Henderson to showcase the Heavy Metal collection

New Zealand is somewhat of an enigma. With misty lakes and rolling mountains making for one of the world’s most spectacular rural views, the country is a mere fledgling despite what its ancient landscape suggests. But beside the primordial greens and enduring beauty of New Zealand’s nature there is a blossoming creative scene shooting out from the country’s cities. Label Stolen Girlfriends Club is one in a vanguard of young New Zealand designers screaming at the fashion scene to take notice of this oft forgotten, idyllic corner of the world.

And the scream is only getting louder. With several seasons of clothing and now a range of jewellery added to its repertoire. To celebrate the release of the latest collection of their jewellery line Heavy Metal, SGC has teamed up with iconic New Zealand filmmaker and photographer Derek Henderson to create a film that, like the country itself, is at once as romantically whimsical as it is raw in its unadulterated power.

Dazed Digital: Is this the first time you've done jewellery?
Stolen Girlfriends Club:
Jewellery has been a consistent component to the brand since the beginning in 2005. Back then fashion jewellery was nowhere as common as it now and that’s why we were inspired to do jewellery, just to make stuff we want to wear or couldn't get hold of. Some of the very first pieces such as the Death Metal Bracelet, Baby Don't Go Pendant and Square Ring Set are still some of the most popular pieces today.

DD: What challenges did you face with the jewellery range?
Stolen Girlfriends Club:
As far as conceptualising and creating the jewellery the challenges haven't been hard at all, if any thing it's a really nice process and rad category to work with. The challenges have come with producing bigger volumes as we sell to jewellery specific stores as well as fashion boutiques. The growth of this category is very strong.

DD: How does the SGC clothing line inform the Heavy Metal jewellery range?
Stolen Girlfriends Club:
Although the Heavy Metal line stands alone as its own category and inspiration with new edition pieces, there is definitely a cohesive link with the fashion line represented by the feeling of the brand and customer. The person who wears our fashion also could wear our jewellery. We are designing for the same customer and the jewellery is a nice way to complete an outfit or look. But generally like everything we do, it’s just what we feel like wearing at the time- that’s what we create. No rules are the best rules.

DD: What was the inspiration behind the film?
Stolen Girlfriends Club:
We wanted to create a film that was specific to jewellery, not necessarily showcasing product but more about presenting a feeling and attitude to the brand and jewellery. We've worked with Derek on many projects, he's a good friend and I like his natural sense and vision for fashion that is raw and unpretentious. I think that needs to come through in the Stolen Girlfriends Club brand and story. Even though we are dealing with high-end fashion... It’s about being real and in-tune to youth and human behaviour that I think the film captures.