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Rick Owens Womenswear S/S11

Opulence and elegance takes another sweeping turn in greys, blacks and beige at Rick Owens

Dresses which swept the floor in muted tones and a fair amount of billowing volume set the tone at Rick Owens for a show that seemed like his own staunch reinterpretation of stately gowns. Horn combs that scraped the hair added his own version of pomp to the proceedings. Whilst Owens never directly mentioned any thematic references, there were definitely hints of a mixture of things - ceremonial attire from Asian religions, Ming Dynasty costume or voluminous Korean hanbok gowns - just a few that came to mind. When muted and dulled in fabriccs and colours that Owens is adept at picking out though, the dramatics are purposely dimmed and it becomes a quiet elegance that forayed into shorter dresses and folded skirts adorned with arm bangles in the middle of the show which then came back to more floor-sweeping in a calming sage green at the end. We wait with baited breath to see who will take to "normal life" as Owens calls it, decadently wearing this amount of fabric.  

Dazed Digital: What prompted this new-found elegance?
Rick Owens:
When I started out in LA, I was doing a lot of long lengths and dragging on the ground. I resent this idea of long lengths being reserved for special occasions and I like the idea that you can bring them into your ordinary life - like wearing it to the grocery store. If you wash it, tone down the colours and minimise it, that can happen. I hope you will see these dresses on the beach - I definitely see them on the beach!

DD: What other references were you looking at - I saw some Far Eastern or ceremonial elements.
Rick Owens:
Not literally but I do like the idea of commitment. There is always a reverential element in my work. I like the idea of idealism and the idea of discipline and if I can get that through in collections then I will be very happy.