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London Boutique LN-CC

The new concept store launching this autumn will carry a mixture of quirky Japanese brands and more established designers, such as Damir Doma and Rick Owens

Bringing together quirky Japanese brands such as Sasquatch and Unused with more established designers like Damir Doma and Rick Owens, the new London-based concept store LN-CC aims to mix menswear and womenswear in new and exciting ways. John Skelton (formerly of oki-ni and Harrods) and Dan Mitchell of Bad Passion have teamed up with a range of specialists, including art book dealer Conor Donlon, sound engineer Mickey Boyle, and set designer Gary Card to form the perfect surroundings.

From an online platform, launching later this month followed by the opening of a physical space in October, the store will be stocking selected clothing based around a concept of unisex styling, along with music, books, and limited worldwide releases. The concept space will initially be open on an appointment basis and will host a library, gallery space and a sound system fitted by legendary sound engineer Mickey Boyle for private events. More than a store, the project will be an evolving platform of curated ideas.

Dazed Digital: Why did you decide to launch the store?

John Skelton: LN-CC was created just to please ourselves really. We have been looking to progress and develop our feeling and concept for such a long time so this just felt like the natural thing to do. The concept is not just focused around a store, it's more an overall feeling and lifestyle that we live and wanted to share with anyone who might be interested. This feeling has been spread over a number of different platforms from our product and e-commerce through to parties, exhibitions and installations.

DD: What did you think was missing from London stores so that you formed your own? What makes it different?
John Skelton: To be honest we didn't start the project to fill any gaps, we just wanted to add another take on what was already available. In my opinion nobody mixes menswear and womenswear in the way that we do and I really wanted to offer the more turned on girls something in our more masculine flavour as opposed to the high heels and handbags that seem to dominate the premium end of womenswear. This project is different in pretty much every way as the whole concept is based on menswear but has been transferred and altered to work for girls too. The fact that clothing is only half of our overall offer means that you really can come and buy into a very specialist selection of literature or music or even just browse our in depth written content. Whether people love it or hate it there certainly isn't anything else like it because we have been looking for it forever.

DD: Who/what will you be stocking?
John Skelton: We will be stocking an extremely varied selection of brands from all different arenas including mainline brands, young designers, archive product and brands that have never been seen outside of Japan before in both men's and women's. We will also be selling exclusive music projects that have been created by the artists just for us and an unbelievably well curated selection of books in conjunction with Conor Donlon, the owner of Donlon books. For A/W, mainline brands such as Damir Doma and Rick Owens will sit alongside Japanese labels Wacko Maria, Sasquatch and Unused as well as new London based brands J.W Anderson and New Power Studio - both of whom have transferred their menswear collections into women's sizes exclusively for our concept.

DD: In what way will this be a physical and also digital space?
John Skelton: Our 'digital' space is our online retail, music and content platform that will launch at the end of August. We are working with London based set designer Gary Card on the interior of our physical space which we will unveil later in the year. The concept space will house installations, library, a working studio and product as well as a private club space that will be fitted with one of the best sound systems in the UK.