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Frankie Morello Menswear S/S11

A colourful beach party makes Milan dance when Frankie Morelli shows Spring Summer '11

We might be in Milan but there is no doubt where Frankie Morello wants to live. Life’s a party and the party is in Rio! Welcome to the Frankie Morello show, full of Bay Watch lifeguards, drink sipping party revellers, and a characteristically loud and colourful collection. The first outfit is a combination of a white shirt with black tie and wet suit bottoms. That set the tone for the rest of the show…

Casual lounge  - T-shirts, hoodies and track suit bottoms – shared the stage with evening jackets, bow ties and trench coats. Yellow, green and purple; you mention it, they were all there. There was a clear hint towards a juvenile innocence and youthful playfulness. Models wore over sized T-shirts and bags, almost making them look like small children. Others sported buckets and spades. But the point of a Frankie Morello show isn’t serious doom and gloom, but to celebrate life… and Rio!