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Damir Doma Menswear A/W10

Doma makes his Arrival be officially known.

On a smoke filled stage, Damir Doma’s intergalactic vision became clear. Or was it inspired by martial arts? Or maybe a show of quasi-religious outfits? Probably a combination of them all. What is clear, though, is that the menswear schedule in Paris has got itself a hot new name. A massive mob outside the show pushed and shouted to get in, but nothing worked…


But that can’t be said of Doma’s aesthetic vision. Grey and powerful, over sized and often bloc patterned, Damir Doma created a breathtaking show at the Garage on Rue de Turenne.Many models were hooded or wore turban-esque hats and both continued the feeling of having joined a secretive following. A few Feodora hats even had an Amish touch to them.


There is, of course, nothing secretive about Damir Doma, and neither is his clothes, for that matter, secretive. On the contrary, it was clear to many people leaving his show on Saturday evening that Doma will soon be a household name in fashion.


Dazed Digital: What inspired the collection?

Damir Doma: There was an poetic feeling to the collection, and about people coming from somewhere else, from another planet.


DD: Yes, it was almost a bit religious

Damir Doma: I agree, it is very monastic!


DD: Are you happy with the result?

Damir Doma: Yes. The collection is called 'Arrival', because it’s really the first time I feel settled, this is really me, and what I like. I have arrived to where I want to be!


DD: There were many loose silhouettes with lots of volume.

Damir Doma: Yeah, I have done that for a while now and I really enjoy it. It’s effortless and easy to wear.


DD: You showed a few female models at the end – are you working on a womenswear line?

Damir Doma: That was a teaser for the launch of my womenswear collection, which I will show in March during the prêt-a-porter in Paris! I just wanted to prepare people!


DD: Any favourite pieces from the collection?

Damir Doma:I liked the first outfit, two layered coats with different textures.