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Photography by Yang Wang

Henrik Vibskov Menswear A/W10

Mirrored clown-eyed spectacles and fantastical moulded hats gave a circus feel to the quirky Scandinavian designer's show

When you go to a Henrik Vibskov show you never really know what to expect, except, of course, for the unexpected! I’m not even sure Vibskov himself knows. By creating his own mini universe – this time called The Slippery Spiral Situation – Vibskov lets the audience into a world where fashion meets art and music, two of the Danish designer’s other main interests. Indeed, the wooden artwork that crowns the catwalk is his own work.
The Thursday night show was one of extra splendour. Firstly we saw a Scottish hiking theme develop, with kilts, boots and rucksacks. Cosy knitwear supported the theory that Vibskov was designing for a wanderer in the Highlands. But then came the white boiler suit. And the multi coloured patchwork trousers. And the customised-beyond-recognition Grenson boots. The hiking was halted.
There were occasional spots of conventional suiting, designed in his characteristically casual ways. All models appeared to be bearded, wearing extremely unpractical sunglasses, and, for some reason, they all had white fingertips. But that’s all in a days work for Henrik Vibskov…
Dazed Digital: How did you come up with the ideas for this show?
Henrik Vibskov: I wanted to create a scary and spooky film feeling, a bit like Sin City. But there is a bit of Malcolm X in there as well!
DD: Where did the white fingertips come from?
Henrik Vibskov: I came up with the idea when styling the show – I thought the hands were a bit naked and needed something extra.
DD: What sort of hats were they wearing?
Henrik Vibskov: Bathing hats and a wooden structure that looks like a brain.
DD: How would you describe what you do, since you’re an artist, designer and musician?
Henrik Vibskov: I like to play around with different universes and identities. But I don’t want to try to define it…
DD: What was your favourite piece from the show?
Henrik Vibskov: I like the Scottish kilts and the English shoes that I cut up!