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Courtesy of MSCHF

MSCHF’s dust speck-sized bag just sold for £63K

...and more fashion news you missed

Not content with the $76,000 Birkin-stocks or the Big Red Boots, earlier this month MSCHF unveiled a speck-sized, acid-green handbag that can only be seen under a microscope. Framed as a commentary on fashion’s ever-shrinking accessories, The Miscrocopic Handbag was the final word in clickbait fashion. Still, it went to a charity auction and has just been sold for £50,569 – meaning someone has paid more than most people’s yearly salaries on a handbag that A) cannot be used and B) cannot be seen. At least it looks cool… right? Perhaps this is just the logical endpoint of NFTs – remember them? – and hypewear’s obsession with owning the most ridiculous and rare things imaginable. 

In other news this week, Paris Fashion Week came to a close with Jacquemus’ tribute to Princess Diana, while Shein sent influencers on a fake tour of its factories. Elsewhere, Marc Jacobs and Vetements exorcised their anxieties surrounding AI, Ludovic de Saint Sernin showcased the ugliest shoe in the world, and the And Just Like That costume designers said “No. Fucking. Way” to dressing Samantha. For everything else you may have missed, click through the gallery below.