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Julia Fox Leaf dress

Whore-ticulture: five times fashion sexed up flowers

From Saint Laurent to Dior Couture, Julia Fox isn’t the only one scouring the forest floor for inspiration

All hail Julia Fox, queen of deranged DIY fashion. With TikTok towel-outfit tutorials and hacked tank-top ensembles all under her belt, this week, she took the beloved Christian Girl Fall aesthetic to new heights, as she scooped up a bunch of mulberry leaves and made the season a little less holy and a lot more sexy. 

With the help of artist friend Emma Fujiko, she coated her spoils in resin to make them more resilient, before stringing them delicately together with silver chains. Comprising a bralette-meets-breastplate, an uber-micro mini, and a matching set of statement earrings, Fox dubbed it the ‘THE FALL 2022 DRESS’. 

Of course, it’s not the first time fashion looked to the forest floor for inspo. In the wake of Ms Julia’s fall dress debut, we decided to dig deep into the archives and dredge her up a bit more botanical inspo. From Virgil Abloh’s floral harnesses at Louis Vuitton, to Saint Laurent Couture circa 1999, here are six times flora got sexy on the runway.