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Burberry – spring 2022
All clothes, accessories and Lola bags worn throughout BURBERRY PRE-FALL 2022, angel wings worn throughout 231 stylist’s ownPhotography Rafael Pavarotti, Styling Ibrahim Kamara

Wings of desire: Burberry takes flight

Rafael Pavarotti and Ibrahim Kamara explore the cosmos for a Burberry-flavoured summer 2022 cover

PhotographyRafael PavarottiStylingIb Kamara

Taken from the summer 2022 issue of Dazed. You can buy a copy of our latest issue here.

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For a summer cover, Rafael Pavarotti and Dazed’s editor-in-chief Ibrahim Kamara dip into outer space for a moment with the finest looking intergalactic angels this side of the Fifth Element.

Exploring fineries from the furthest reaches of the galaxy courtesy of Burberry’s Pre-Fall 2022 collection, the shoot taps the issue’s Virgil-flavoured themes of culture-splicing, remixing and outer-limits innovation.

Hair KIYOKO ODO at BRYANT ARTISTS using L’ORÉAL PARIS, make-up CHIAO LI HSU at CLM using 111 SKIN, nails LAUREN MICHELLE PIRES at FUTURE REP using THE GELBOTTLE, model KAYAKO HIGUCHI at LINDEN STAUB, set design IBBY NJOYA at NEW SCHOOL, photographic assistants FELIX TURNBULL-WALTER, VALDRIN REXHEPI, styling assistants FELIX PARADZA, LINGANI NOAH, ANASTASIE TSCHICHIMBI, make-up assistant LIZZIE CHECKLEY, set design assistants SAM EDYN, digital operator PAUL ALISTAIR, production CEBE, post-production DTOUCH, casting MISCHA NOTCUTT at 11CASTING