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Tod’s - winter 2021
All clothes and accessories worn throughout Tod’s AW21. All tights worn throughout stylist’s own.Photography Justin French, Styling Ibrahim Kamara

Tod’s goes twinning in the latest issue of Dazed

Identical models fling themselves into Tod’s AW21 collection in the winter edition of Dazed

This editorial is taken from the winter 2021 issue of Dazed. Head here to get your copy. 

There’s really nothing normal about identical twins. The human body’s ability to short circuit and split fertilised embryos into two separate souls has long been associated with felony, deception, and black magic. In the 14th century, villagers would leave newborn twins on their doorstep so that beelzebub could collect them, and contemporary culture would suggest that they probably had the right idea. Lest we forget the Grady sisters or Geminis. A little unfair, perhaps, but have you ever seen identical twins in the same room? I didn’t think so. Like most things though, what once inspired revile, has now come to be revered.

Call it fascination or fetishisation – and PornHub have some interesting statistics on that – twins have been reimagined as fashion muses in the 2021 edition of Dazed. Styled by editor in chief IB Kamara and shot by Justin French, Tod’s AW21 collection is given quite a literal boost as twin brothers and sisters are caught mid-flight in matching garms. There are 80s kids with hyperactive strawberry lace braids and bright, tangy yellow tights, Artful Dodger-types wheel up in heritage plaid driving coats and Judy Blame-esque caps fashioned by Kamara, while dismembered hands tussle over Tod’s Timeless bag. 

Check it out in the gallery below.

Photography Justin French, Styling Ibrahim Kamara, Hair Ali Pirzadeh at CLM using Oribe, make-up Chiao Li at CLM using MAC, models Angair Biong, Achan Biong at PRM, Nicholas Ameyaw Abuaku, Nathan Ameyaw Abuaku at Phoenix, Alejandro Perez-Willis, Eduardo Perez-Willis at Supa, Ronnie Denyer, Reggie Denyer, set design Ibby Njoya at New School, photography assistant Stuart Hendry, Bradley Polkinghorne, styling assistants Felix Paradza, Mark Mutyambizi, Lingani Noah, Cari Lima, hair assistants Tommy Stayton, Anoushka Danielle, make-up assistants Yoko Minami, set design assistant Axel Dryry, digital operator Olivia Estebanex, production Zoe Tomlinson, production assistant Jeremy Rwakasiisi, casting director Theo Spencer, post production Frisian Retouch, special thanks to We Folk Agency