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luar shoe larslala
Luar SS22via Instagram (@iamkelseylu)

@larslala walks us through their freaky footwear picks from NYFW

From Luar’s horse hoof clompers to Vaquera’s spiked PVC pumps, Instagram’s foremost footwear fetishist gives us the NYFW toe-down

OK, who else is excited that fashion week is back? I for one have been looking forward to seeing designers produce ridiculous heels that we can trot about in, given that we *can* actually go out drinking, dancing, and soiréeing again. Is that what you wanted, too? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint but when it came to the feet, New York’s designers seemed a little toe-shy for my liking. I wanted something crazy, something “cunt”, but it was all a bit... well, sensible. There were, however, a few exceptions and you can bet I will be decorating myself with them come spring. Below, I pick out five styles from the SS22 NYFW collections that I will, no doubt, be selling my sole for.