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Dracula 1992 horror movie fashion
Dracula (1992)

A horrifying Halloween watchlist, as chosen by your fashion faves

We asked Christopher Kane, Ottolinger, Gareth Pugh, Art School, and more: what’s your favourite scary movie?

Spooky season is here and the undisputed best day of the year is almost upon us (do not @ me), and we all know what that means, don’t we? That’s right: alongside trying not to sever major arteries as we carve our annual pumpkins, shoving sweets meant for Trick or Treaters into our mouths at an alarming rate, and brushing the dust off our silly, slutty, and tbh not very scary little costumes, it’s also time for a dose of steaming hot Halloween #content. 

Channelling everyone’s fave greasy-locked high school killer (Skeet Ulrich, duh) we decided to pose Scream’s most iconique question to a bunch of our fashion faves – asking the likes of Craig Green, Bianca Saunders, Eden Loweth from Art School, and Ottolinger duo Christa and Cosima what’s your favourite scary movie? Click through the gallery below to find out what they answered, and add them to your weekend watchlist – alongside Raf Simonsready-made All Hallows Eve edit – right now.