Timothée Chalamet serves up sexy Prada paramedic vibes at the Oscars

Je téléphone à la ambulance

Remember when Frank Ocean turned up to the 2019 camp-themed Met Gala dressed as in a full Prada look that many claimed made him look like a security guard? Well, turns out his friend Timothée Chalamet has followed in his footsteps this evening, landing on the Oscars’ red carpet in a navy satin suit, also courtesy of Mrs. P, which channelled some subtle emergency responder vibes.

With Chalamet spotted leaving a Los Angeles Prada store earlier today, fans had been speculating across social media as to whether he would opt for the Italian label for the event. 

Later in the evening, however, a photograph of someone bearing a striking resemblance to the Little Women star, wearing a pale pink backless shirt with rope detailing, began circulating. Seemingly, the image was either entirely fake, or Chalamet had a change of heart not long before leaving for the Dolby Theatre, where the Oscars are taking place (not surprising given the event has been a total washout).

With Chalamet reportedly styling himself, as usual the actor’s outfit is splitting opinion, with one stan Tweeting: “How can anyone dislike what Timothee is wearing? The fit… the hair! It’s perfection in Prada!” while another wrote: “Grace Kelly didn’t wear this ICONIC 1955 Oscars outfit for Timothee to wear that Prada garbage 65 years later”. 

Whatever your thoughts on Timmy’s ensemble, I’m sure we can all agree that hopefully that was the first and last time we ever see the words ‘Prada’ and ‘garbage’ used in the same sentence. Truly: what a night.

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