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Ikea Wembley changes name for Virgil Abloh collaboration
via Instagram (@virgilabloh)

A London IKEA changed to “IKEA” for Virgil Abloh’s new collection

The furniture maker’s Wembley shop altered its name in celebration of the MARKERAD drop

Quotation marks have become a signature style for Virgil Abloh. They are present throughout most of his designs, from the boots ("FOR WALKING" ) that went on show at the Met, to the wedding dress he designed for Hailey Beiber, and now his Ikea collaboration, which launched today.

In celebration of the collaboration, entitled MARKERAD, Ikea has historically changed the logo on its Wembley shop. Now reading “IKEA”, the altered sign will stay up throughout the collection’s launch weekend.

Two years in the making, MARKERAD is a series of homeware items which embrace both Ikea and Abloh’s minimalistic yet distinctive style. Featuring a green rug embossed with the words “WET GRASS”, there is also a clock with the word “TEMPORARY” printed on it, a large Ikea receipt wall hanging, a Mona Lisa print which doubles as a phone charger, and a cardboard-styled tote bag detailed with the word “SCULPTURE” on it. 

Dropping a surreal advert promoting the collection earlier this week, which you can watch below, the collection is available exclusively at IKEA Wembley and Croydon stores this weekend.