Watch a trippy Nick Knight-shot film featuring a boxing Naomi Campbell

The British supermodel puts her strength to use in the short film to promote the new Equinox Hotel

Is there anything Naomi Campbell can’t do? Easily one of the most recognisable model faces of all time, when she’s not sashaying down the runway, she can be found practicing one of her other talents – be it acting or singing. 

Now, in the inaugural brand campaign for Equinox’s latest venture, Equinox Hotels, Campbell appears as a boxer – serving you the chicest high knees and right hooks you can imagine.

Shot by SHOWstudio’s Nick Knight, in his futuristic style, the short film is called “For Those Who Want It All”. The trailer shows the iconic supermodel doing a series of workouts, along with the captions “Move”, “Nourish” and “Dream”. The fast-paced trailer features flashing lights, crazy colours and an energetic soundtrack, that’ll make you want to work out the moment the beat drops. The first of the Equinox Hotels is said to open in New York City this June. 

Watch the full film here.