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This new campaign video is meant for watching when you’re high AF

Vegan footwear label Rombaut’s Spring 2019 film features Paz de la Huerta serving QVC realness and a man with a cabbage for a face

You might not immediately recognise Rombaut by name, but you will have seen its vegan shoes on the likes of Bella and Gigi Hadid. After becoming known for its unconventional yet ethical footwear – take these lettuce leaf slides, for example – the brand has released its Spring 2019 collection, staying true to its roots. 

The campaign for the collection may remind you of the teleshopping that comes on TV when you are up too late, and can’t be bothered to reach for the remote after a channel goes off air. Or in the words of PZtoday, who collaborated with Rombaut on the story and art direction,  “when you watch a TV commercial while you are high AF”.

Narrated by the designer’s “dream woman”, American actress Paz de la Huerta, the campaign takes form of a three-minute satirical ad video that mocks vegan stereotypes. “She’s a person you cannot take the eyes out of, with her sexiness, quirkiness and star quality,” PZ tells us. “She’s also vegan like Rombaut shoes so we couldn’t find a more perfect match!”. Other characters in the short film include ‘Sara the Strange’ and ‘Robert the investment banker’ (whose blonde wig and “you’re fired” line makes it very obvious who he is a parody of). There’s also a cabbage-faced man in the outro that is never really explained... 

For this season, the collection was all about playing around, seen via the comedy in the campaign to the “psychedelic” graphics, colours and materials of new shoes from this collection. One of the more striking pieces from the collection includes the Detachable Cowboy Boot, which you can add to Boccaccio sneaker when you are feeling #extra. Another is the Thong Hybrid shoe, that pretty much has the sole of your favourite edgy Chelsea boot but with the twist of an open toe and back. Just like the campaign video, nothing is quite like it seems with Rombaut’s Spring 2019 collection. 

Watch the full video below.