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Watch the trailer for a film telling the story of Fiorucci’s revival

Directed by Isaac Lock, You Will Be With Us in Paradise gives a behind-the-scenes look into the iconic 70s label’s comeback

Although cult 70s label Fiorucci was once described as the “daytime Studio 54” – due to the exuberance of its unique stores which allured the likes of Andy WarholMadonna and Jean Michel Basquiat – it sadly shuttered in 1988.

After being nothing more than a distant memory for more than 30 years, it was announced that Fiorucci would be returning, being bought by entrepreneurial duo Stephen and Jane Schaffer in 2015. The story itself is now being retold in a new film, entitled You Will Be With Us in Paradise.

Directed by Isaac Lock and commissioned by M2M, the trailer for the film charts the journey of the Schaffers. Finally making its comeback in 2017, You Will Be With Us in Paradise shows us what happened in the two years to get there – with some special appearances from fashion veterans and longtime Fiorucci fans alike.

“Fiorucci was like the pulse of the city,” says Diane von Furstenberg in the trailer, which sees the difficulties of reviving an iconic label – including half of the clothes for the grand opening going missing. “My interest wasn’t strictly in the brand itself, but more in what it represented,” Lock says. “In the fact that it was being revived 40 years after it’s initial demise, and in the unlikely people that had chosen to try and revive it”.

Watch the trailer below and keep an eye out on @paradise_documentary for when the full documentary drops.