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adidas Originals Oyster Card pack
Courtesy of adidas Originals

adidas Originals’ new sneakers come with a topped-up Oyster card

If you live in London, the iconic brand’s newly-launched styles basically pay for themselves

It’s well known that living in London is fucking expensive. By the time you’ve added up your astronomical rent, your jacked-up four-week travel card, your monthly big shop, and all those damn bills, it’s pretty safe to say that – unless you’ve got the infamous bank of mum and dad to fall back on – there’s not much left to play with at the end of the month. New trainers? Probably not.

Now, adidas Originals is here to help out with that, as they release a collection of kicks inspired by the London Underground (yes, really). In celebration of ’the heartbeat that keeps everything moving’ (most of the time), the new Oyster Club pack is made up of three iconic silhouettes: the Continental 80, the Temper Run, and the ZX500 RM, all of which are updated with TfL-inspired detailing.

Best of all, though, is the fact that each limited edition pair comes with a leather adidas x Oyster card holder, which is topped up with £80 of credit, meaning, if you’re likely to be getting on the Tube any time some, the sneakers basically pay for themselves.

Check out the exclusive video below.