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These colours will replace both millennial pink and gen Z yellow

And there’s a free webinar to tell you exactly how that’s gonna happen

Colours are important: there’s no two ways about it. In the era of millennial pink and gen Z yellow, entire social media accounts dedicated to gradients, and the celebration of bisexual lighting, colours are being analysed more than ever.

But how exactly do concepts like gen Z yellow come about? And what colours are going to replace the ubiquitous (oh my God, so ubiquitous) baby pink?

Dazed Digital’s head of fashion Emma Hope Allwood will be finding out the answers to these questions and more in a live webinar interview on September 6. She’ll be speaking with trend forecaster and WGSN head of colour Jane Boddy, as well as Coloro content editor Joanne Thomas. They’ll discuss the five key colours for SS20 (yes, they’re already on 2020), why they’ve been chosen, and the importance of colour in design.

It’s all in association with Coloro, a new intelligent colour system created to make working with colour easier (and less wasteful).

Coloro (which is basically a giant bible of 3500 polyester colour swatches) exists to help designers work faster and better when it comes to colour. Using polyester, designers get to see their colour choices IRL, meaning colour combinations are easier to work out. Thanks to sister company WGSN, Coloro also provides analysis of shades in terms of trends and target audiences. It is essentially an intelligent system, logical and easy to use.

This webinar is free (truly!), taking place on Thursday, September 6 at 3pm BST, and you can sign up here.