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SELFRIDGES THE FLIPSIDE louis vuitton loewe byredo
The FlipsideCourtesy of Selfridges

Louis Vuitton, Loewe, & Byredo enlisted by Selfridges for free exhibition

‘The Flipside’ is an immersive experience that invites attendees to explore the idea of ‘radical luxury’

‘Luxury’ is an ambiguous term, the meaning of which has wildly varying interpretations depending on the person you ask. In an attempt to unlock the mystery behind it, Selfridges has unveiled The Flipside, a free exhibition that looks at the concept through the lens of a series of forward-thinking brands.

Offering a journey into luxury and a look at its various aspects, the exhibition features installations and experiences that encourage attendees to immerse themselves completely. Situated in The Old Selfridges Hotel, the exhibition – that is open now – displays contributions from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Gareth Pugh, Byredo, and more. 

Louis Vuitton’s installation features a world made up of small islands hanging from the ceiling, created using sand and underwater plants to showcase futuristic fashion items – hello, gold Archlights – with focus on the experience of travelling. In another room, Gareth Pugh’s idea of luxury manifests in the form of a black sand-filled room with screens projecting a short film of him and his mother walking on the beach – in homage to his British hometown of Sunderland.

For Loewe, luxury is rooted in nature. Looking at the brand’s history, a sculpture takes the shape of a green forest where the Earth’s resources are endless. Byredo is also concerned by the planet, speculating that fresh water will be a luxury in the future, as it presents an impressive installation of fluorescent cans of water representing each country of the world.

Elsewhere, designer Thom Browne, renowned London bartender Mr Lyan and Google Pixel 2 also contribute their own interpretations, with the latter providing guests with phones to capture their experiences on the journey through the space. 

For the occasion, Selfridges has also provided their own interpretation of luxury via a video dedicated to the project. Entitled Radical Luxury, the short film, shot by director and photographer Norbert Schoerner, also asks what luxury means today. 

The Flipside is open now at the Old Selfridges Hotel – 1 Orchard Street, London, W1H 6JS and runs until May 20.