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Madonna Worldwide Exclusive in Dazed & Confused

On sale March 11th.

"I think that life is a paradox and you have to embrace that in your work and your belief systems... you can't be a literalist, and thats the trouble that people always find themselves in. Thats why people always hit a wall with any of my stuff, because you can't take it literally." - Madonna

In the April issue of the magazine, out March 11th, undisputed heavyweight champ of reinvention Madonna talks exclusively to Dazed & Confused's Jefferson Hack about her latest incarnation.

In her first interview about her new album Hard Candy, worked on with Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, and Timbaland, Madonna discusses her many different, and occasionally contradictory, roles – as performer and provocateur, mother and artist, style icon and campaigner. Photographed by long-time collaborator Steven Klein with art direction by Giovanni Bianco at Studio 65, the queen of pop looks as uncompromising, tough and sexy as ever.

This unique tribute issue also features 70 pages of Madonna-inspired fashion and art, including contributions from Katy England and Alasdair McLellan, Emile Larsson, Nicola Formichetti and Benjamin Alexander Huseby, plus new works from artists such as Matthew Stone, Alex Rose, and Daniel Sannwald.

Keep watching Dazed Digital over the next fortnight for exclusive Madonna previews and extras from the interview and shoot.