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The Instagram account serving archive fashion and gore

Posting archive fashion moments, gory references, cult style and subculture, hit follow on @godzdntdie, @dazedfashion’s Instagram of the week

Describing his account as, “the deadliest on Instagram” and himself as “the coldest person living in Massachusetts”, @godzdntdie is the alias of the C.Scangas – the man serving us fashion and gore daily. Bored of the magazines available on Instagram at the time – with a penchant for fashion, art and rare publications – C.Scangas started @godzdntdie as an outlet through which to share his own aesthetic, coupled with his IRL moods and emotions. The resulting account unearths lesser-known visuals from bygone-eras – that’s everything from vintage fashion, to haunting film, pop culture and the plain obscure – often categorised by a particular theme or the curator’s fascination with the possibilities of an eternal life.

Who are you?

@godzdntdie: My name is C.Scangas and I am the coldest person living in Massachusetts. I am fascinated by a greater meaning to life and interested in the higher powers. I understand that existence is deeper than many realise and I believe in the possibility of an eternal life. I’m not interested in small talk, if you can’t tell me what happens after you die I don't want to hear it.

How would you describe your account?

@godzdntdie: My account is an unusual archive of fashion and art. It is a reflection of my life and myself. It’s the deadliest account on Instagram.

What made you start @godzdntdie?

@godzdntdie: I was unimpressed by the online magazines I had been following at the time. So I started @godzdntdie and began to share my own aesthetic, which is a gallery of alternating themes driven by my moods and emotions in real life.

Your account bio reads, “Eternal life luxury”, can you explain this?

@godzdntdie: It is possible to live forever through legacy. My goal in life is to be remembered. I always encourage people to create something that will outlive them – that’s how you live forever. I’m inspired by innovators, people like Leonardo Da Vinci, William Shakespeare and Lee McQueen. These individuals may have passed away but their creations and impact lasts forever. In my opinion that’s true success.

What’s the criteria for a @godzdntdie post?

@godzdntdie: I am extremely particular about the content I choose to share. Unlike most fashion blogs I focus much more on the singular details, rather than the full look. I take a lot of pride in the originality of my aesthetic so I don't often post images that you see on other pages. I prefer to promote undiscovered upcoming talent rather than things that appeal to the masses – things that follow the trends set by larger media sources. It does not matter to me how large a following you have, if you are innovating, creating and displaying real talent you fit my criteria.

Do you have an archive of materials stored up?

@godzdntdie: Yes I have an infinite amount of material. I have several very powerful themes planned for 2018.

What are some of your favourite images you’ve ever posted?

@godzdntdie: I don’t have a favorite image but I do have a favorite collection. My favorite theme I’ve posted is titled ‘Divinity’. It was published on my feed this past September through to mid-October.  

“I’m inspired by innovators, people like Leonardo Da Vinci, William Shakespeare and Lee McQueen. These individuals may have passed away but their creations and impact lasts forever” – @godzdntdie

Where do you source your content?

@godzdntdie: I source my content from many places. I spend a lot of time searching the web for rare shoots and garments. I also have a small collection of rare fashion books and magazines that I look to for inspiration. As well as attending fashion shows, and having artists submit their work to me directly.

What might people not realise about the pictures you post?

@godzdntdie: I put a lot of thought into my account. I don’t think people understand how much time and effort is spent editing the photos I post. I adjust the filters of each of my posts to match the current theme and it can be quite time consuming.

Who are your favourite fashion designers?

@godzdntdie: Right now my I love @misbhb. But Alexander McQueen is easily my all time favourite.

How would you soundtrack your account?

@godzdntdie: My account sounds like heaven at night.

Has anything unexpected come from your account?

When I started this account I never thought it would receive the attention it has. I’ve been in contact with people that I’ve looked up to my whole life asking to connect and share ideas. It’s a feeling I never thought I'd ever experience in my life.