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Louis Vuitton x Supreme@supremenewyork

Louis Vuitton x Supreme t-shirts are hitting eBay for £7.5k

Resellers have raided the London pop-up and taken their merch online to fleece those who missed out

Did you miss out on the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collab drop? The opening day at the London pop-up – and pretty much every day after – has attracted long lines of teen hypebeasts desperate to get their hands on the red-and-white monogrammed merch. No need to worry if you couldn’t get down to the London pop-up because resellers have taken to eBay posting merch at double, triple and sometimes even ten times the original price. 

That’s right, the collection – which was already bank-breaking – is now worth even more thanks to those who decided to buy with business in mind. Your regular red, box logo hoodie would set you back around £700 and a good half a day of your time – eBay will save you the effort for a mere £6,185. Even the logo tee – usually priced around £350 – is being resold for a ridiculous £7,732. Still not convinced? Well, keep in mind that plenty of sellers are advertising free postage. Thank God!

Alternatively, if those prices aren’t looking particularly wallet-friendly, try your luck at the store in the hopes that some stock is still waiting on the shelves. You’ve got until July 21st, and after that eBay will be your only chance to cop those looks.