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Adidas released Bill Murray’s The Life Aquatic shoes

They are obviously already sold out

Remember those iconic blue striped trainers Steve Zissou wore in The Life Aquatic? Well, adidas has actually made some. The bad news? Production was limited edition to only 100 pairs, so if you’re a die-hard Wes Anderson fan, you might have to go to great lengths (aka eBay) to get your hands on them. 

Worn by Bill Murray’s character – Steve Zissou – in the 2004 cult classic, the shoes were originally released back in 1959 to celebrate the Olympics in Rome, but are most known for their appearance in the film. The dark blue, light blue, dark blue stripes immediately identify them, as do the bright yellow shoelaces and the custom addition of the gold foil “Zissou” branding.

The release wasn’t publically announced but the shoes were dropped at the We Love Green music festival in Paris earlier this month, where Seu Jorge – you’ll know him for his cameo in the film – was performing. Sadly the sneakers aren’t set for the mass market, but you can still get a handpainted pair from Anderson’s website. And we’re sure there will be a thriving re-sell market. 

Let’s hope it won’t be long before there’s a wider release. Who knows – we may even get the replicated blue jumpsuit as well.