Two factory fires claim garment workers’ lives

On the same day, fires broke out in factories in China and Bangladesh, killing nine people

This week, two separate factory fires – one in Zhengzhou, China and one in Dhaka, Bangladesh – broke out, leaving a total of nine garment workers dead and 12 injured. 

According to reports, the Chinese factory fire broke out at 1.21pm on Saturday, engulfing the top floor of the six-story factory. It is understood that one worker died after jumping from the roof of the building while others were trapped inside. 26 fire engines and 140 firefighters were deployed but they weren’t able to put out the flames for over two and a half hours, reports Xin Huan News. The cause of the accident is yet to be confirmed. 

The second fire, which occurred on the same day, started on the ground floor of a seven-storey factory belonging to fabric manufacturer Mom Tex. The fire broke out where chemicals and dyes were stored, trapping workers who were on their break, reports New Strait Times.

“Three workers who were resting near the chemical storage unit have died of suffocation and burns,” Shahidur Rahman, a police inspector told AFP. “At least five workers were also injured and were rushed to a hospital.”

“We suspect the electricity short-circuited, causing a fire in the storage room where dyes and paints were kept,” Nazmul Islam, a deputy general manager of Mom Tex said. “The workers who were resting in the upper floors died due to suffocation from smoke.”

The incidents come just weeks after the three-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse which killed 1,130 and injured 2,500. Like Rana Plaza, they call the working standards of those employed in the $1.5 trillion dollar fashion industry into question.

h/t The Fashion Law