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Raf Simons AW03
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Vintage Raf Simons parkas on sale for $20,000

The three coats were created in collaboration with Factory Records graphic designer Peter Saville for Simons’ AW03 collection

Three parka coats from Raf Simons’ AW03 “Closer” collection have gone on sale. Not only were these coats made in collaboration with the UK’s most famous graphic designer, Peter Saville, but very few were produced because they belong to such an early collection. Grailed is selling three of the four original coats, 13 years after the show – providing, as the website points out, “a perfect archive opportunity for a collector”.

While this might seem like a dream scenario for any collector or Raf Simons fan, of which there are many, it comes with one fairly major snag: a price tag of $20,000 or, at today’s currency exchange, £13,658.82. Despite its eye-watering price tag, Grailed users have been enthusiastic about the lot. “Gonna kidnap my friend and sell his kidney for these,” commented one. “Selling my family brb,” said another. “Mortgage on a house or v rare raf hmmmmm,” said one more.

The collection itself debuted in 2003 and was dedicated to Peter Saville, who is known most famously for the record sleeves for he designed for Factory Records artists. Simons drew inspiration from the graphic designer’s archives, which he was granted full access to, as well as early Russian Constructivism, Bauhaus and British vintage clothing. These coats were hand-painted by Saville himself and are the ultimate token of this iconic collaboration.

Click here to view the listing.

h/t Highsnobiety