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Grace Coddington
Grace Coddington@voguemagazine via Instagram

Grace Coddington calls Instagram ‘pathetic’

The Vogue legend slammed the platform for interfering in everyone’s lives and allowing people to boast about holidays

After the last fortnight of Instagram related news, you can hardly blame a person for thinking it’s all a joke. A model throwing a strop at the lack of likes of an Instagram photo. Another IG model who called bullshit on her fake reality by giving captions revealing the “truth” behind the photos. Factor in the hours we all spend scrolling through filtered images of salads and selfies, the IG-fatigue is laughably understandable. 

Cue former-model Grace Coddington being less than enamoured with the platform. In an interview with Vogue, the legend said, “I hate Instagram, actually”.

“I think it really interferes with people’s lives and things and it’s pathetic how everyone’s photographing everything they’re eating all the time,” she added. She also went hard on the smug travel bragging world of Instagram we all know so well. “People want you to know that they’re holidaying in Greece. I mean, really.” It’s true. When we’re on our one holiday of the year, you can be fucking sure we’re milking every blush-hued sunset and cobbled street panorama – and loving every second of it.

Deep down, we all instinctively know what she’s saying. Sure, Instagram has its deep, dark social and psychological repercussions. But that’s not going to stop anyone using it. Least of all, Grace. I mean, what would the #catsofinstagram community do without her? Exactly.