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Rapper films himself ‘blessing’ homeless people with Gucci

After filming a McDonald’s worker abusing a homeless man, Detroit-based musician Skeez takes to the streets to redeem himself

Last week, Detroit rapper Skeez found himself in hot water after filming a now-viral video in which a worker at a McDonald’s drive-thru teased a homeless man with a sandwich before throwing a cup of water in his face. In the video Skeez is heard laughing – something he received heavy criticism for. The McDonald’s worker in question was fired from his position and now the rapper is seeking some vindication of his own by handing out gifts of Gucci to homeless people. 

“We look out for homeless people,” Skeez wrote, captioning the video posted to his Facebook page. “Look what we just did for him #Redemption #Couldntfindwillie today so we blessed somebody else today and showed love bow watch this this for all yaw think we ain’t got good hearts we just want yaw to know we not like that PLEASE WATCH.”

“Y’all think we’re the most stingy ass n****s huh,” he says in the video, introducing his new project. “We’re gonna look out for the homeless... Watch this, watch this blessing... We’re gonna look out for these mother f*****s.” “We ain’t tryin’ to play you bro,” he says, handing the homeless man two Gucci garment bags. “This is called redemption day, we’re trying to redeem ourselves,” he says later on.

But it seems that Skeez is unable to escape criticism. While the rapper’s intentions may have been good, his actions have been met with disapproval – most vocally from homeless advocate and activist Shere Dore. “A Gucci bag isn’t food, water, toiletries, mental help, housing, a warm blanket,” she told CBS Detroit.

“Sadly, the purse will be received and sold for up to $50 then a day later, the homeless individual is right back where they were,” she continues. “I’m not looking for the guy to give designer bags that mean nothing to the homeless. I think his action defines just out of touch he is with the homeless.” Still $50 is better than nothing and there are worse things to give people than a Gucci bag.

h/t Complex