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Joaquin Phoenix in ‘I’m Still Here’
Joaquin Phoenix in ‘I’m Still Here’

Got facial fuzz? You’re more likely to cheat

A new survey reveals that men with beards are statistically more likely to be unfaithful than clean shaven dudes

Last month we learned that people who wear black are more likely to be perceived as clever and sexy and just last week, we found out that people with tattoos have significantly higher levels of “reactive rebelliousness, anger, and verbal aggression” than those without.

Now more telling image statistics have been revealed, demonstrating yet another link between people’s physical attributes and character traits. This time it’s beards. 

A survey of nearly 2,000 British people, carried out by Censuswide, reveals that there’s a direct correlation between facial hair and negative traits, including the likelihood to get into fights, cheat on sexual partners and steal.

47 per cent of men with beards admitted to infidelity, compared with 20 per cent of those without; similarly, 45 per cent of bearded men admitted to having been involved in a brawl, compared with 29 per cent of their clean-shaven counterparts.

As for stealing, 40 per cent of those with beards surveyed confessed to the crime, in comparison to just 17 per cent those without. 

If you’re looking for a reason to ditch the fuzz – or convince a loved one to do so – then these damning statistics should suffice.

h/t Yahoo